Sunday, December 22, 2013

Uganda Passes "Kill The Gays Bill"

While many of us are preparing to celebrate Christmas with our families, the LGBT people of Uganda are fearing imprisonment. For what? For simply being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). 

This past week while Americans were busy arguing over what a reality star said about LGBT people in a GQ interview; the Ugandan lawmakers passed the Anti-Homosexuality law. This law makes it illegal to rent a home to someone who is LGBT. If you do rent to an LGBT person and don't report them to the police YOU will be imprisoned. If you're proven to be gay, you will serve 14 years in prison. Further, if your "homosexual offense" is considered an "aggravated assault" you will be imprisoned for life. So while we continue to quarrel over an ignorant reality star, our LGBT brothers and sisters in Uganda are having their basic freedoms stolen from them by their authoritarian government.

I have been following this story since Uganda's lawmakers first tried to pass it in 2009. I had the pleasure of interviewing the leader of Uganda's only gay rights organization. While we're busy buying last minute gifts and arguing over Duck Dynasty, Christmas in Uganda for LGBT people will consist of fearing for their lives and their freedom to exist. If you want to learn more listen to my interview below...

If you want to take action, sign this petition...

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