Thursday, January 9, 2014

To My Hometown - Orland, Indiana

To My Hometown Orland,

Like many of you, I grew up with summers spent on Lake Pleasant and Wall Lake. During the summer my sisters and I loved to fish from the pond across the street from our home. We would take turns swinging in our neighbors tire which hung from a weeping willow in his side yard. As a young kid, I competed on Orland’s baseball team sponsored by Bill’s Marathon. I wasn’t very good, but I had fun. I remember my mom taking me to breakfast at Chubby’s restaurant before dropping me off at my babysitter Joyce’s house. I remember how colorful and beautiful the gladiolus were which bloomed in the field across the street from Shop Rite Supermarket. I loved the summers in Orland. I adore my hometown.

However, there is a scary thing happening in my home state of Indiana and it will affect every town and city including Orland. Our legislators are currently deciding if my right to marry should be up for a public vote or not.

If you’re married, do you remember when you proposed to the person you love? Perhaps it’s the other way around, do you remember when the person you love proposed to you? Now, imagine going to the county clerk’s office to get your marriage license and they refuse to grant one to you. How would that affect your life as it is today? Would you have fought for the 1,100+ benefits that are granted to married couples? Would you have fought for your relationship to be recognized by the government that you pay taxes to? Would you have gone door to door asking your neighbors, “May I have your permission to get married?”

That is what I’m doing right now. I’m asking you, will you let me marry the person I love? I shouldn’t have to ask you this, but I am, because it’s important to me. If HJR-3 and HJR-6 come up for a vote, please vote no. When you vote no, you’re voting for freedom, you’re voting for equality, you’re voting for love.

I hope one of these summers, I can come home with my love (who is also a Hoosier) to marry him and create new fond memories in my hometown, Orland, Indiana. 


  1. Hi. You probably don't remember me but I lived a couple houses down from you. My name was the Elizabeth sheely. I remember you and your family because the first time I went to church it was with you guys. You mom makes the best whoppie pies too. I hope some of this rings a bell and I don't look silly :) .

  2. This is absurd. There is no “right” to marry someone just because you love them. And this isn’t just about gays, either.